Reiki & Reflexogy

We​ are now offering Reiki and Reflexology with Julie Spriggs from Julie’s complementary therapies. Julie is a fully qualified complementary therapist with 4 years experience.  Are you stressed out, tired, fed up of suffering with aches and pains or just fancy treating yourself, Well look no further! 

​​ What is a complementary therapy?

Reflexology and Reiki are holistic complementary therapies. These therapies have been known to have been practiced by various ancient civilisations like the Chinese! Egyptians, Japanese and the Native American Indians, as far back as 10,000 BC.
Unlike conventional medicine, this approach seeks to treat the person as a whole looking at all aspects of their lives, lifestyle, diet, occupation and emotions. Rather than just looking at and treating the symptoms of the current illness. 
A great number of today’s illnesses come about as a result of stress and tension in the lives we lead. Following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body will very often be left in a state of imbalance, with the vital energy pathways blocked and this prevents the body and all it’s individual systems from functioning properly.
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