Guide to Choose the Right Shampoos and Conditioners for Kids

As a kid, everyone had the eye watery experience of having the hair washed with tearful shampoos full of harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates. In addition to the teary bathing session, shampoos having ingredients that leave the scalp dry were also very common. Due to this reason, most parents find it very challenging to buy shampoos, conditioners or cosmetic products for their kids. Well! These thingsĀ  are no more a problem in 2020. Different types of shampoos and conditioners with a variety of different ingredients are available in market today. It has become much easier to choose the shampoos and conditioners for kids of any age group.

Shampoos and Conditioners for Kids

For infants and toddlers, parents should consider buying a shampoo that is  according to the age and skin type of the kid. For instance, if the baby has dry skin, parents should go for the  baby shampoo for dry scalp and if the kid has oily or itchy scalp, shampoo or conditioner should be choosen accordingly.

Features of Ideal Baby Shampoo or Conditioner

The shampoo or conditioner chosen for a baby should be made up of natural ingredients because the skin of neonates and young babies is extremely sensitive, using a product having synthetic ingredients or chemicals can cause irritation, redness or inflammation.

The shampoo must contain mild surfactants to increase healing of the dry should be moisturising enough to overcome the dryness. Always choose the baby shampoo for dry scalp that contain avocado extracts or hydrates because they are excellent moisturisers.

For kids having curly or frizzy hair, shampoo should be such that it could easily detangle the hair and make them soft and easy to manage.

The product should have a beautiful fragrance to attract the kids because most of the times it is difficult for moms to make the kids ready for washing hair. A sweet fragrant shampoo will definitely do the trick.

For children who are prone to dandruff, the shampoo to be chosen must have a hypoallergenic formulation which will not only prevent dryness but also nourishes, cleans and protects the scalp.

The shampoo or conditioner should have excellent cleansing property. It should be able to remove all the dirt, oil ,sebum or grease that has been accumulated between hair strands or on scalp.

The product must contain ingredients to soothe the delicate and fragile hair and also help it in promoting healthy growth of hair. It should allow the stimulation of blood cells of the scalp.

The shampoo should form good foam and lather to allow a fun bath.

Care and Caution

While looking for the best shampoo or conditioner for the baby, make sure you always read the label of the product.

The formulation of the shampoo should be tear free, which means it should not contain any soap, dyes, pathalates, sulfates or parabens. It should be non irritating to the eyes. The tear free formulation not only increases baby’s compliance to the product but also allows the parent to give bath to the kid easily.

Any product having too much chemicals should be avoided to be used on kids. Scalp products containing phthalates should be particularly kept in mind and must not be used on babies.

The shampoo must not cause damage to hair and if the hair are already damaged, it should be able to repair the damaged hair.

If a shampoo has caused reaction on the babies skin, immediate medical help should be acquired.

Do not buy a non biodegradable product.

Directions for Usage

While using shampoo or conditioner, make sure you use Luke warm or cold water because hot water may cause damage to hair follicles and when the shampoo will be applied, chemicals will come in contact with the follicles directly, causing irreparable damage.